3 Free Walking Tours

 3 Free Walking Tours

These self-guided tours are a great way to explore the region

One of the best ways to enjoy summer in the Miami Valley is to be outside. But if you’re getting a little tired of your backyard, put on your best walking shoes and take one of the region’s self-guided walking tours. These tours can help you learn more about the region and assist you in hitting your daily steps goal while enjoying summer.

Those who want to explore Downtown Dayton have three self-guided tours from which to choose—the Public Art Walk, Downtown Brewery & Distillery Crawl and Downtown Café Crawl —provided by the Downtown Dayton Partnership. All three maps can be accessed through the free Avenza Map app. Once you’ve downloaded the app, the partnership provides directions for accessing the maps of the three tours. Each map provides the name and location of each stop, and users have the option to use GPS to help them see where they are in real time.

In Hamilton, one way to explore the city is by taking the City of Sculpture Walking Tour. The tour features the city’s 40 sculptures, including Victory by Rudolph Thiem (which tops the Soldiers, Sailors and Pioneers Monument near the High Street Bridge) and The American Cape by Kristen Visbal. Downloadable maps of the downtown and citywide sculptures are available on the City of Sculpture website, but you can also download the . The app gives you access to walking tours throughout the country, including tours of Hamilton’s sculptures and murals. The app uses GPS to help you find your way around and provides information and audio commentary on each of the sites.

has also created its own self-guided tours. In fact, the cemetery has 11 that can be accessed through its website. Visitors can visit the grave sites of the region’s celebrated African Americans and Sports Legends, or take a historical tour of the site. If visitors use the cemetery’s mobile tour site, they can learn information about each person and site and get directions to the next stop.