3 Nearby Beaches

 3 Nearby Beaches

Nearby state parks offer public beaches ideal for those wanting to swim

There’s no better way to cool down during the summer than to go swimming. If there’s no public pool nearby or if you don’t own your own, you and your family can still find some water to enjoy. We’ve found three public beaches in the region that are perfect for individuals and families wanting to swim.

Caesar Creek State Park

Caesar Creek State Park in Waynesville has 1,300-foot public beach. The beach is open during daylight hours and has a concession area and changing booths. The 2,830-acre lake offers plenty of opportunities for other types of recreation, too, including boating, water skiing and fishing.

Buck Creek State Park

In Springfield, swimmers can head to Buck Creek State Park. The park has a 2,400-foot beach with a concession stand. Those who visit the park can also camp, stay in one of the park’s 26 cottages, go boating or use the park’s 18-hole disc golf course.

Cowan Lake State Park

The 1,000-foot public beach at Cowan Lake State Park in Wilmington is another great option for those looking to swim. The beach has a bathhouse, showers and a snack bar and is open during daylight hours. If you need a break from swimming, visitors can also use boats up 10 horsepower, go fishing or hike the park’s six trails.