A Memorable Scent

 A Memorable Scent

Warm Glow Candle Co. is making memories with its candles and events in Indiana

Corinne Minard

Smells and memories go hand in hand.

Scents like that of cookies, coffee and flowers can quickly transport us back in time to happy memories. According to Jackie Carberry, owner of Warm Glow Candle Co. in Centerville, Indiana, the connection between scent and memory is the reason why her company has become a success.

“Our niche in the market is kind of food fragrances. Our best sellers are Cinnamon Bun and Evening Mocha and Snicker Doodle, Carrot Cake—all of these wonderful fragrances so if you would come home from school and mom had snicker doodle cookies in the oven for you, it just takes you back to that era,” says Carberry.

Started by Carberry and her husband, Alan, in 1995 in the basement of their home, the company now produces 72 different fragrances throughout the year and makes 8,000-10,000 candles each day.

“We have a spring/summer offering and then we have a fall/winter offering. And at any one time we are offering over 50 different fragrances to choose from for our candles,” she says.

While the candles are currently produced in an 80,000-square-foot facility, some things haven’t changed.

“Our candles are all handmade, scented and colored all the way through so you get a nice strong fragrance the whole time the candle is burning,” says Carberry. 

Warm Glow candles can be bought online and at stores throughout the country, but those looking to buy the candles can make more memories with a stop at the company’s outlet store in Centerville.

Located near Interstate 70, the 22,000-square-foot store offers more than quality candles. While there, shoppers can visit the chocolate counter, try Indiana beers and wines or see the work of a custom floral designer. Products like home décor, gourmet food, home and bath products, and jewelry are also available for purchase. And for a unique photo opportunity, guests can strike a pose with the 60-foot candle that sits just outside the entrance.

Just steps away from the outlet store is Artisans & Java, a gift shop that offers coffee and pieces created by local artisans. Carberry says that store showcases the work of 27 artisans, sculptors, knitters and more.

The outlet and store are both open seven days a week, but Warm Glow also holds special events throughout the year. The outlet store will conduct its annual Fall Festival Sept. 22-23. More than 75 vendors and artisans will be in attendance, along with pumpkins, mums and some outdoor fun.

Carberry says that Warm Glow Candle Co. can help whether you’re looking to relive memories or create them. With fragrances like Caramel Corn, Gingerbread Cookie and Belgian Pecan Waffle, Warm Glow will be helping families create many more scent memories.