A Passion for Food

 A Passion for Food

Executive chef Kenny Arnold puts his heart and soul into everything at View 162

Ginny McCabe

Executive chef Kenny Arnold of Crowne Plaza Dayton has always had a passion for great food combined with superior customer service. With more than 20 years in the food industry, he previously honed his skills as the former head chef at Doc’s Place in Lebanon, as an executive chef at Bel-Wood Country Club and as a sous-chef at Brookwood Retirement Community. He also earned an associate’s degree from the Art Institute in Cincinnati, where he specialized in culinary arts.

“The whole reason I wanted to go into this field was because I love helping people. I love doing things for people and making people happy. I feel like sometimes if you’re having a bad day, or whatever is going on, and if you can sit down and have a really good meal and the food tastes great it helps you have a better day, at least for those few moments. You’re not worried about whatever else is going on,” says Arnold.

Serving in his current position for about a year, Arnold says he normally starts his day around 7:30 a.m., and a typical day runs about 10 hours. In his role as executive chef Arnold oversees the View 162 Rooftop Restaurant and all of the catering aspects at Crowne Plaza Dayton.

He enjoys making everything from the comfort food that customers ask for to trying out new cheesecake and smoked barbecue recipes at home. He says the biggest compliment he can receive from a guest is an “empty plate.”

“I’m very passionate about food and I put my heart and soul into everything I do and I think it shows in my product. I love doing what I do. I love working with people and I genuinely love and am passionate about food. I want people to see that and, hopefully, they do,” Arnold says.

View 162 is a rooftop restaurant and bar that specializes in a variety of menu items, including the popular Black Rum Barbecue Burger and other favorites like the sea bass or a salmon dish with kale and mushrooms. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. View 162 also provides room service for hotel guests.

“The view from the restaurant is phenomenal. You get a view of the whole city. It’s a nice atmosphere and the servers do a good job catering to your needs while you dine,” Arnold says.

Other hotel guests may want to host a birthday or anniversary party or a business meeting and Crowne Plaza Dayton offers a variety of catering options for every special occasion.

From ordering food to managing staff, Arnold says he enjoys the diversity that comes with the job. Whether that’s building a menu, cooking the food or cleaning up the dishes, he takes a “hands-on approach” and hopes to “lead by example.”

“As a chef you wear a lot of different hats. One of them can be counselor, or maintenance, I do a lot. I will clean toilets if I have to. I think my staff knows I would never ask them to do anything that I wouldn’t do myself, so I feel like leadership by example is key. Having that personal relationship with them, I don’t really have any issues with them not doing anything I ask them to do. They will pretty much do anything I ask them to do,” Arnold says.

One day he may aspire to open his own restaurant, but for now Arnold says he is getting a lot of experience as an executive chef and is fulfilled in his current role. He says, “It’s a lot fun. I’m definitely happy with where I’m at.”

Arnold and his wife, Megan, live in Fairfield with their four children, who range in age from 12 to 17. When Arnold’s not working he enjoys playing and watching sports, and spending time with family.

So, whether guests want to check out the great views and dining options at View 162 or host a special event Crowne Plaza Dayton can accommodate a variety of needs. Crowne Plaza Dayton is located at 33 E. Fifth St. in Dayton. Visit cpdayton.com, or call 224-0800 for details.