All-Natural Eats and Treats

 All-Natural Eats and Treats

Glo Juice Bar + Café is the latest from Butter Café’s Amy BeaverKevin Michell At 1120 Brown St., just a stone’s throw away from the heart of the University of Dayton’s main campus, Amy Beaver is leading a health-food revolution amidst the row of chain restaurants and fast-food eateries.

Beaver opened Glo Juice Bar + Café on Oct. 1, 2019, just across the parking lot from Butter Café, the breakfast joint she founded with Sarah Dudley almost a decade prior. Whereas Butter Café offers a mix of hearty and healthy morning-meal options, Glo focuses on cold-pressed juices made in-house, made-to-order smoothies and smoothie bowls with no added sugar or artificial ingredients, protein-rich salads, superfood lattes, vegan treats and more.

Though both represent a side of Beaver’s personality, she says Glo’s concept hews closer to her own lifestyle.

“We have indulgent items over there (at Butter Café) but they’re very clean products,” she says, “but over here is who I am, with the juicing and eating cleaner foods.”

Though everything offered in the store is vegan, gluten-free and plant-based, Glo’s meals, beverages and treats don’t skimp on flavor one bit. One of its signature offerings is a strawberry chocolate chip smoothie, made with whole strawberries, unsweetened vegan yogurt, organic vanilla protein and 70% cacao chips—which are bits of cocoa bean used before any sweetening is added.

The protein-rich hot chocolate was a hit over the winter, sweetened with just a bit of coconut sugar. Glo Juice Bar + Café also offers organic honey and agave as natural, healthier sweeteners.

Both of these represent the familiar and tasty options on the menu that help visitors enjoy eating better and living healthier. The smoothies and superfood lattes each pack plenty of nutrients and flavor.

“You’re basically getting a meal in a cup from us here,” says Beaver.

Beaver also works with local vegan food makers and bakers—like Good Stuff Kitchen, which supplies vegan doughnuts, and Taste-T Love, which produces organic baby food—to carry rotating offerings.

The appeal of Glo’s delicious vegan food and smoothies has reached beyond the just-off-campus crowd, bringing visitors from downtown, Kettering and everywhere in between. Beaver can often be found behind the counter at the juice bar as it enters the back half of its first year in business, or just a couple hundred feet away at Butter Café.

“There’s just a parking lot that separates the two buildings, so I’m usually running between (them),” she says with a laugh.

But in these early days of Glo Juice Bar + Café, Beaver has been pleased with the community response to her health-minded eatery.

“We’re still really new obviously,” she says, “but we have a really good local following and I think that’s really important. I like to interact with everybody because they can tell us what they want to see more of.”

And there’s room for growth in the months and years ahead. Beaver is considering bottling and packaging some of the products made in-house at Glo to sell through partnering vendors and local markets.

More immediately, Beaver plans on extending Glo’s hours—currently 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays—come summertime to offer vegan ice cream and other hard-to-find healthy treats to more folks once the days get warmer and longer.