Brighten Up Your Wedding

 Brighten Up Your Wedding

Trusting your florist can make your wedding pop with color

Madison Rodgers

When planning a wedding, one of the most important aspects of the day is the flowers. Although not something that impacts the event itself, the flowers show up within every aspect of the day. From the ceremony to the reception, flowers are sure to be seen in all of your photos.

How do you decide what kind of flowers to use? What colors do you incorporate within your bouquet? How do they compliment the flower centerpieces on your guests’ tables? Luckily, there are experts to help you decide that and more.

“We can really do anything for weddings,” says Mark Brueninghaus, the owner of The Flower Shoppe in Oakwood. “People do mixed colors, and usually they pick two.”

Brueninghaus also says that a current trend is white. “I just did one with all glass, no foliage, very clean.” Brueninghaus says couples are also requesting a lot of floating candles.

Brueninghaus attributes many of these trends to what is being seen online. “You can tell that things are being generated online,” says Brueninghaus. “What they see is what they like.”

Carley Noe is a team designer at Sherwood Florist in the Webster Station neighborhood and she has been seeing many of the same trends.

“All the girls want peonies, but they are not available all year long,” Noe says. “In fact, it’s a very short season.”

Noe says that current brides tend to be more interested in the romantic style. This includes arrangements with garden roses, peonies and dahlias to name a few. Peonies are only available during the month of May, but Noe suggests garden roses as a good alternative.

“Garden roses aren’t like the traditional rose, they open like a cup,” says Noe. “In fact they often call it a cup-style rose. They’re really frilly on the outside and often smell amazing.”

While bouquets and centerpieces continue to be requested, florists say there are more options available.

Sherwood Florist offers everything for weddings. “We would like to see more large installations,” Noe says. “We want our brides to trust us as professional designers and experts and give us a color palette and create the vision for them.”

Noe says colors that are often chosen include blush and white. “Those colors are overdone,” says Noe. “Don’t be afraid of color. There are so many really awesome color palettes and a variety of colors that we don’t get to use very often because girls tend to shy away from the big and the bold.”