Dayton Business: Aileron

 Dayton Business: Aileron

Aileron exists to help Dayton business owners take their business to the next level.

Aileron. For most, this word means that thing that moves on the back of a wing of a plane that controls the balance of the aircraft. But for executives and business leaders who have visited Clay Mathile’s ode to the spirit of entrepreneurship, Aileron is a Mecca for learning and growth, offering them the tools they need to create jobs and secure the future of their organizations.

The cornerstone of Aileron’s philosophy is professional management. The “Course for Presidents” is their foundational program that demystifies the organizational process and enables business owners to gain full control of the throttle of their business while positioning it for long term success.

The fact that a facility delivering this message with resounding clarity and profound humility exists in Tipp City, Ohio, is remarkable. Thanks to Aileron, the business community in Dayton has the opportunity to learn from internationally acclaimed experts in diverse fields without getting on a plane or spending hours in a car.

Despite a location far from the traditional business centers, Aileron has attracted attention from The New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fox Business News, CNN, and numerous other media outlets. What is it about Aileron that has brought journalists, innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world to our town?

It isn’t just the architectural achievement that transformed 114 acres of otherwise unremarkable land into a lush campus or the collaborative energy of thousands of business leaders and teachers working towards Aileron’s vision: raising the quality of life in America to unleash the potential of private businesses through professional management. It isn’t just the individual attention given to every entrepreneur who walks through the doors. It’s all of those things and it’s here in Dayton, Ohio.

If you’ve visited the campus, taken one or more of the courses, or attended a conference, business meeting or corporate training there, you know what an incredible gift Mathile has given to our community. If you have yet to visit, there are courses, lectures, roundtables and workshops scheduled throughout the year that are strategically designed to help you and your business grow, sustain that growth and thrive.

Entrepreneurs, by definition, are creators. Great creators are not always gifted business owners. The passion to create a product, service or new technology doesn’t necessarily lead to a sustainable business. Moving through the ranks and finally reaching the top is no guarantee of success.

Aileron supports entrepreneurs with the courage to risk their own capital to lead a business and employ others willing to work towards a shared vision, with the ultimate goal of strengthening our communities. It is our good fortune to live within a short drive of this extraordinary facility.

If you own a business in the Dayton area and if you’ve never visited Aileron, go to for more information.