Dayton Dining: Sister Act

 Dayton Dining: Sister Act

Bella Sorella’s wood-fired pizzas are topped with farm-fresh flavor

Growing up in an Italian family, Gail Corrado Okafor and Elizabeth Corrado Weizman learned to appreciate freshly made meals.

“We never ate out much growing up; our parents were always cooking,” says Corrado Weizman, who owns and operates Bella Sorella Pizza with her younger sister Gail.

Drawing on family tradition, the sister duo began making and selling quality pizzas with farm-fresh ingredients last year. The farm-to-table concept has become the underpinning of Bella Sorella Pizza, which has Dayton’s first mobile wood-fired pizza oven.

The 800-degree oven creates a slightly charred and crispy crust in less than two minutes, all while maintaining quality taste with garden-grown ingredients.

Although the pizza is delicious, it’s the mobile oven that attracts a gathering.

“A lot of people find it enjoyable just sitting and watching their pizza cook in a wood-fire oven,” says Corrado Okafor. “It always brings a crowd.”

Many of the toppings originate from Elizabeth’s one-acre farm in Englewood, where the sisters grow tomatoes, zucchini, corn and other pizza toppings.

“A lot of the menu is based on what is fresh in the garden,” says Corrado Weizman, who built her first brick oven pizza eight years ago. She mixes her knowledge of wood fire ovens with her sister’s eight years of chef training in San Francisco. Their combined skills shine through in the scents and flavor of their pizza.

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