Dayton Food & Drink

Ghostlight Coffee is taking its beans and brews on the road.

Eric Spangler

The coffee shop that opened in 2011 will take a 1991 Utilimaster that it previewed in the fall on the road to food truck rallies, sporting events, community events and various office buildings during the week, says owner Shane Anderson.

“We tested going to various office buildings (in the fall) and pulling up in front so people can come out and take a few minutes break and come out and get a fresh cup of coffee that’s maybe a little better than what you might find in that office coffee maker,” says Anderson. “The reception was great at the stops that we made.”

The Ghostlight Coffee truck will offer hot- and cold-brewed coffee, hot and iced teas and baked goods like muffins, cookies and breakfast sandwiches, he says.

There may also be ice cream sandwiches available soon on the Ghostlight Coffee truck. “My baker is working on some recipes for ice cream sandwiches because I kind of want for the fun and the novelty of it of being kind of like the adult version of an ice cream truck,” says Anderson.

The truck also enables Ghostlight Coffee to cater events, he says. “Yesterday we did a corporate event where we took an espresso bar inside the business for a meeting and offered espresso beverages,” says Anderson. “We can do corporate events, weddings, you name it.”

The truck will also have the ability to take an iced-tea bar to events where customers can add syrups, fruits and mint to various iced teas and lemonades, he says.

The Ghostlight Coffee truck is currently participating in the Battle of the Breakfasts events, which pits two breakfast food trucks vying against each other on the last Sunday of each month at White Allen Chevrolet on North Main Street.

The coffee truck is mediating the competition and selling coffee and baked goods as well, says Anderson.

Although there’s no firm schedule on where the truck will be, other than the Battle of the Breakfasts, Anderson says to follow Ghostlight Coffee’s social media pages for a schedule for the coffee truck.

Those social media pages will also be where visitors can post their favorite Dayton locations, as Ghostlight Coffee has launched its #mydayton social media campaign, says Anderson.

“Our goal is to get people to share what they love about their city,” he says. Ghostlight Coffee is also using the #mydayton campaign to introduce the public to its staff, says Anderson. Staff members will take photos of their favorite things in Dayton and post them on social media and on the coffee shop’s website, he says.

For those who like a little music with their coffee, Ghostlight Coffee is planning different musical nights, including a re-launch of a live music series at its brick-and-mortar shop at 1201 Wayne Ave. Anderson says the third Saturday of every month will feature a “scaled-down” version of local bands, kind of like an “unplugged” or acoustic version of the band.

“Ghostlight’s a great venue for that,” says Anderson. “Acoustically it’s great, it’s very close, it’s small and it just works really well.”