Dayton Q&A

Six Questions with Comfee Caps Ministry’s Sue Forrest

By Ginny McCabe

More than a hundred cancer patients have received a comforting gift combined with a message of God’s love as a result of Sue Forrest’s Comfee Cap ministry. The knitted caps have turned into a nationwide outreach.

Dayton Magazine caught up with Forrest, a Washington Township resident, in a Q&A to talk about how she came up with the idea, the impact on local patients and why others want to get involved in creating the caps.

How did the idea of Comfee Caps get started?
Really, we’re just beginning. I started in 2010 when two of my girlfriends were going through chemo at the same time, in two different states. I went to a knitting shop and I said, “What can I knit that’s soft?” and they recommended this hat. The key is the yarn is very soft. When women lose their hair, sometimes their head is cold, even inside the house. So, they can wear it at night, like a stocking cap, they can wear it at home in an air-conditioned house, or they can wear it when they go out. So, I made each of my girlfriends one and they loved them. They said, “I can’t find this anyplace. Will you knit me another one?” And I made each of them another one. Then, I continued to make knitted caps for others’ friends or family members who were going through chemotherapy.

At what point did you have a sense that it was a calling?
My daughter-in-law wanted one for her friend so I sent one to her friend in Chicago. She did the same thing. She said, “I want to send you $25 to knit one for someone else.” That’s when I got the calling. I thought, “Oh, my goodness. So, many people love this and they love the message.” So, the calling came later. It was probably around 2013 when I felt like it was a strong calling. Now, we’re starting a duplication system where different communities can start a ministry. About a dozen people have stepped forward to knit the hats. To date, we’ve probably made about 120 Comfee Caps. We have people on the “Love Team” from five states.

It sounds like people love the Comfee Caps, but can you share more about their responses? 
They love the caps and they love the message. I made one for my friend Sally’s daughter-in-law, Andrena (Brandy). She said she got the cap and she loved it, but she said she really loved the message inside, too. They love the caps because of the softness of them. You can put them in the wash and have to dry them flat, but they are easy and comfortable. They can be worn all day.

What do you feel like is the primary message is that you want to get out?
That Jesus loves us. That’s basically the message, that Jesus loves us. It’s very simple.

When did you start knitting?
In 2003, and I’m almost 70. I’ll be 70 on my next birthday.

How have you seen this endeavor bless people that receive the Comfee Caps?
They’re joyful. They love that it’s handmade, and then again, the message in it. They love the softness of it and they love the fact that someone would make it for them.