Dayton Style

 Dayton Style

Outfit office space with fresh styles available from area businesses.By Sarah Hibner

Beyond-the-laptop ideas for homey office décor. 

Personalized Stationery, The Envelope, Centerville,

$37.95 for the AKB box set, $49.95 for the green/white stationery. The power of the written word can’t be denied, especially when it comes on personalized stationery.




Upcycled Desk and Chair, The Pink Hippo, Lebanon, 513-836-3738

$350 desk, $65 chair. Look for upcycled furniture to create not only a functional work space, but one that is sustainable and handsome.



Happy Hour Painting, Art Frame Gallery, Dayton,

$850 Happy Hour by George Jones. Staring at four blank walls all day can really bring you down, but an inspiring print will perk up your creativity.




Modern Garden Assortment, Jan’s Flower Shop, Vandalia,

$57.95. A live plant brings a touch of the outside in and livens up any office space.




Pottery Coffee Mug, Hotel Gallery, Tipp City,

$28.95 Gray Mug, $16.95 Brown Mug.

Even office coffee tastes better when 
it comes from a mug you love.