How to Have a Dayton Cookout

 How to Have a Dayton Cookout

5 products that will bring some Miami Valley flavor to your Fourth of July barbecue

Still trying to figure out your plans for Fourth of July? The national holiday may be tomorrow, but you can still host a quality cookout thanks to some local Dayton companies.

While burgers and hot dogs are always a favorite on Fourth of July, those who prefer pulled pork and ribs can add some local flavor with locally made barbecue sauce. Company 7 BBQ in Englewood has bottled six of its main sauces—The Rookie, Captain Carolina, Firefighter Sweet, Lieutenant Tangy, Chief Smoky and Commissioner Burns—and made them available for sale. The sauces can be ordered online or over the phone, or can be purchased within the restaurant.

Salad is a tried and true vegetable option for a Fourth of July cookout, but one way to dress it up is by adding a unique or special dressing. The Pine Club’s House Dressing does that while adding some classic Dayton flavor. The sauces can be purchased directly from The Pine Club or purchased at local stores like Dorothy Lane Market. If you’re looking for something even more special, try replacing the vinaigrette in a pasta salad with this dressing. For local snack food, s has your back. The Dayton-based company produces chips, pretzels, puffcorn and cheese curls that can be purchased directly through the company’s website or from a nearby store.

If you still need to buy other groceries, several Miami Valley farmers’ markets will be open for last-minute shoppers. The , Cherry Street Local Farmers Market, Oakwood Farmers Market, Yellow Springs Farmers Market and Springfield Farmers Market will still be selling locally grown and made products despite the holiday.

Also, make sure you don’t forget the beer! Local breweries like Warped Wing, Toxic Brew Company, Dayton Beer Company, Lock 27 Brewing and Yellow Springs Brewery offer their beers in cans, making them ideal for a cookout.