Inside Dining: Table 33

 Inside Dining: Table 33

Celebrate Your Valentine with Something New or a Twist on Something Old

By Brian Sharp

A new restaurant has quietly come on the scene with not much fanfare but certainly great reviews. Table 33, located at the corner of Wilkinson and Second streets, opened in the fall of 2016.

This location has seen many a restaurant come and go but this one seems to have the makings of a long-lasting success. The focus of Table 33 is breakfast, brunch and lunch. There are menu items that are vegan, gluten free and other items made with the freshest of local ingredients.

Walking up to Table 33 the special board outside spells out the daily specials of not just food but also of the mimosa of the day.

There is patio space on the Wilkinson Street side and I believe this will be a great place to hang out early in the day as the weather warms up (something we only dream about this time of year).

As the Table 33 website boasts they are a full-service breakfast and lunch restaurant and coffee bar with a unique approach.

What is that unique approach? It is locally sourced products dished up with a different vibe than a typical restaurant. The management of Table 33 believes in giving back and they believe they are part of the growth and revitalization of downtown Dayton.

So, why “Table 33”? The 33 portion was the original address of what was going to be the restaurant. The “table” portion of the name refers to the place where “life happens.” Their table is ready for any and all—it is not exclusive. Many of us grew up in times where everything happened around the dinner table—homework, solving problems and certainly sharing every meal.

The full-service coffee bar serves everything from regular locally sourced coffee to cold brews and lattes. There are also specially blended juices that are a mixture of items like carrot, orange and ginger, or apple, kale, spinach and cucumber.

There are typical orange juice mimosas as well as drinks like pomegranate mimosas. There are vegan and gluten-free baked goods. You can even get a glass of local grass-fed whole milk.

Breakfast/brunch items also include things like three kinds of quiche. The day I was in the options included sausage and asparagus and ham and broccoli. Additionally, there are open-faced tacos that can have egg added and are served with jicama. A pork shoulder chili topped with radishes and jalapeno is not for the faint at heart! There are also salad and sandwich options available.

The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and just recently opened for Sunday brunch. What a great way to help support revitalization of downtown Dayton and support a new local restaurateur.

Chris Harrison has done an outstanding job getting Table 33 on its feet and has filled the team with people not only committed to great food but to making your experience at Table 33 one worth talking about and one for which you will return.

Table 33 is located at 130 W. Second St. Plenty of on-street metered parking and spots across the street in the Arts Garage are available.

Make it a Valentine’s Day worth remembering and start with breakfast or lunch at Table 33. You will be glad you did!

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