Letter from the Publisher

Use Our Summer Fun Guide to Experience Renewed Sense of Vibrancy

Eric Harmon

Downtown as a whole is seeing a renewed sense of vibrancy with the upcoming Dayton Metro Library grand opening and new housing options that only a couple of years ago might have had their fair share of doubters.

It’s with that revived sense of vitality in mind that we offer you a guide to a summer full of concerts, festivals and events to witness firsthand what a transformation our communities have gone through—a revitalization they continue to relentlessly pursue.

So what will end up being your favorite thing to do in Dayton this summer? We encourage you to join in the fun and share photos of your favorite summer event on social media at #LoveDayton.

In the fall we will package these pictures and publish them in the magazine and online at thedaytonmagazine.com. Enjoy!

— Eric Harmon, Publisher

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