Making the Grade

 Making the Grade

Spring Valley Academy enriches students academically and spiritually

Timothy Walker

What do parents want? A little help around the house? Kids wiping their feet before they come in the door? Maybe washing their little hands before dinner? Sure, all of that goes without saying.

But finding the right education for the kids… well, that tops the list of what most Dayton-area parents are really concerned about. And with the educational options in our area abounding Miami Valley parents who want their kids to be well-rounded individuals might find themselves a bit overwhelmed at the choices between public, charter, private and parochial schools.

Dig deeper, however, and it’s easy to see why Spring Valley Academy in Centerville stands head and shoulders above the rest. For parents who want their children to have an education that’s as grounded in the spiritual as it is in the academic Spring Valley Academy offers Dayton families an obvious win/win situation.

“When a child comes to ( Spring Valley Academy), our mission is to lead them to Jesus,” says Darren Wilkins, principal. Wilkins has a background of over 25 years in Seventh-day Adventist education and has been principal at Spring Valley Academy for five years.

The academy, also known as SVA, was founded in 1968 and is a Seventh-day Adventist private school that services grades K-12 located at 1461 E. Spring Valley Pike in Centerville. Over 400 students attend classes there.

Spring Valley Academy offers four separate educational divisions: a home schooling division for those parents who desire an alternative educational program for their children; an elementary division for students in grades K-4; a middle school division for grades 5-8; and the high school division for the teenagers in grades 9-12.

The high school program is a traditional college preparatory program, and the academy also offers a vocational education, available through the school’s affiliation with Montgomery, Green and Warren County’s Joint Vocational School programs.

In 1990, Spring Valley Academy joined the auxiliary services program provided by the state of Ohio for parochial schools. This program provides remedial learning, speech, hearing, and occupational therapy and psychological services for students in a portable classroom that sits adjacent to the school property. The program also allows the school to buy textbooks through the local public school district.

Spring Valley Academy boasts a beautiful campus, which has recently been made even more attractive with the addition of a set of new sculptures. Thanks to a generous donation, Spring Valley redeveloped the center of its circle greenspace with a series of bronze sculptures that provides a visual representation of the school’s mission to anyone who drives onto the campus.

A flagpole was relocated and in its place a beautiful plaza featuring Victor Issa’s work of art “Come Unto Me” was installed amid a serene reflection area complete with stone benches.

Issa’s art conveys a message that is fundamental to everyone involved with Spring Valley Academy—that all children are welcome in Jesus’s arms.

Spring Valley Academy is much more than just a school—it’s a place for children to grow, to learn, to deepen their spiritual connections and emerge as devout, well-rounded individuals ready to take on any of the challenges they’ll face in the adult world.