Moving Midmark

 Moving Midmark


The next time you’re at your doctor, dentist or vet’s office, take a look around the exam room. Chances are you’ll find a piece of Midmark equipment. For nearly 100 years, Midmark has become the most trusted name in medical, dental and veterinary health care equipment solutions working primarily out of a large manufacturing facility here in southwest Ohio.

Under the current leadership of Dr. Anne Eiting Klamar, the fourth generation of the Eiting family to serve in a leadership role, the company maintains a very caring, family-like culture even through a period of tremendous growth and acquisition. “Because We Care” is more than just a tagline for the company. It resonates by how they treat customers and in its philanthropic initiatives.

Currently located in the small community of Versailles, Ohio, Midmark has become a staple in the area. It employs many residents, owns and maintains the local airstrip, hotel and supports many of the community’s renovation and charitable efforts.

So how does a company maintain this caring culture by moving their executive team to a new headquarters over an hour away?

In 2012, Midmark officials announced that they would move its headquarters consisting of executives, corporate support staff and other strategic positions, roughly over 50 jobs, to Dayton. The newly named Midmark Center will be located at the University of Dayton-owned former NCR campus.

While a surprising move to many, Klamar believes it’s the best for the company. “Health care is one of the most disrupted and changing markets in the country,” states Klamar. “We need to position ourselves in an area where we can more quickly access and capitalize on emerging technologies. We believe we’ll be able to accomplish this in Dayton.”

Midmark considered many options, but determined that Dayton was the best place to retain current teammates and allow access to the disciplines and talent needed for future growth. “The move to Dayton will provide us with enhanced opportunities to fulfill our vision of becoming a global leader in health care products and services,” Klamar adds.

Klamar is a member of the U.D.’s Board of Trustees, and her decision to move to the campus was influenced by U.D.’s values (to learn, lead and serve) that align with Midmark’s values. U.D, brings opportunities through its intern and cooperative education programs, and the learning environment will also provide opportunities for Midmark employees. “The move benefits all Midmark teammates because we’ve found the right home for our company. It’s not just about a building … it’s about Midmark, our culture and our future,” adds Klamar.

While Versailles will remain the largest Midmark location – housing manufacturing, other support functions and customer experience groups – communication between locations will become key. According to Sharyl Gardner, Midmark’s chief administrative officer, teammates will go to the location where they can best accomplish their work that day. “We have a culture that adapts to new opportunities together, that will serve us well,” says Gardner.

Midmark is also known for its philanthropic support of health care practices around the world. “We want to make a positive difference. All people deserve accessible, quality healthcare, and Midmark is committed to doing our part to make this happen,” shares Klamar. And that desire to help doesn’t change just because Midmark’s headquarters are moving to a new location.

Klamar visited Kenya at the beginning of August with the “Free the Children” organization helping to build schools and seeing patients at the newly opened Kishon Medical Clinic, which she says was an incredible experience. “It all starts with a philosophy that embraces “learn, lead, serve,” which we believe that all of Midmark can and will embody.”