Pride Outshines Pandemic Woes

 Pride Outshines Pandemic Woes

Excitement builds for Yellow Springs parade

The village of Yellow Springs, home to Antioch College, is well known for its great food, liberal attitudes and unique places to shop and relax with friends and family, and last week the village made news when it became the first Ohio community to pass an ordinance requiring masks, social distancing and hand washing. On Saturday, June 27, the village’s legacy of innovative thinking will also be on display as the annual Pride parade is held at 4 p.m., and local residents and participants couldn’t be more excited.

“While it’s true that the festival itself had to be cancelled due to safety concerns,” says Heather Stewart-Rigsbee, president of MadCab Event Planning and an organizer for the event, “we are thrilled that the parade, the drag contest and the yard decorating contest will still be held.”

The parade’s route will take it through the village’s downtown business district, and social distancing rules will still be in place. While no items will be permitted to be thrown from cars during the parade, the event’s information sheet for participants states, “We encourage decorating your car, honking and screaming. Be creative.” All spectators will be required to wear masks and maintain a safe distance between other persons.

Yellow Springs Pride is an annual event which celebrates and brings together members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, along with their friends, allies, and supporters, in order to honor the unique spirit and culture of the LGBTQ community.