Publisher’s View

 Publisher’s View

Tell the world about the great offerings in the arts, business and culture that Dayton has to offer.

Eric Harmon Pursuing Greatness

I was reminded recently at a tour at the Dayton Historical Park that the Wright Brothers originally believed in keeping their innovations of flight to themselves. One could understand why as they had to compete on an international scale with not only other inventors, but countries, as they geared up for the first World War. You might have heard the saying, “Loose lips sinks ships,” and, at least in the Wright’s case, it was their steadfast devotion to this principle that lead to the patents that gave them credit as the creators of modern day flight.

Contrast this to now, and our mission with Dayton Magazine and our inaugural Best of Dayton celebration. For the event, we told everyone who wanted to hear, and I think some who possibly didn’t, about what we wanted to achieve for our city and region. We set up an event committee of local decision makers, including representatives of Culture Works, Channel 2, Kettering Health, Dayton Commercial Realty and many others. We met with over 10 locations, seeking out the best fit for the event. For the voting, we received over 800 nominations for the best restaurants, retailers, and service providers. At the event, we had 70 companies represented.

The event sold out and we could not have been happier at the reception and feedback. This issue is a capture of all those companies that have been voted by you, and those that attended the event—the best of the best. Its my pleasure to have you check out the Best of Dayton, and we very much welcome your feedback of how you think we can grow the event in the future into everything you want it to be. You deserve it, and so does our region.

If it means that its no longer a secret, that we can help tell the world about the great offerings in the arts, business, and culture that Dayton has to offer—Houston, I believe we have lift off.

Eric Harmon