Publisher’s View

 Publisher’s View

Getting to know the “Three Ed’s of Dayton.

Eric Harmon

The Three Eds

The old joke about Dayton I learned soon after we launched the magazine says that if you want to learn about Dayton, you better get to know the three Eds. I came to find out that the Ed’s were Education, the Meds— the hospitals—and the Feds—the base.

As you venture around the region, you can see some real justification to this sentiment. The colleges are an important part of the region’s identity and play a key role in the development of our youth. Anyone taking a drive around I-675 can see that the base not only employs a lot of people, but also encourages the companies that work with it to grow as well. The immensity of the local health care organizations’ economic footprint is rather boggling, as the competition between them serves to help us all. Dayton Magazine has taken note of this—we’re launching the inaugural Dayton Healthcare Summit at Sinclair Community College on June 9th. 

There are two reasons, however, why I don’t like a sweeping statement about how to get to know Dayton. For one, I choose not to limit our region’s economy to fit into a box—I believe you and the region deserves better. Second, I believe that the “three Eds” saying makes it seem like you’re missing the most important ingredient and driver of Dayton—its people. The people of Dayton are characteristically dynamic, straight-forward, intelligent, and by far its most important resource, and thus the drivers of the three Eds. 

Just like those early American settlers who came here searching for a better life, we know that a solid days work is essential for our survival. We throw our passion into congregation. Especially in the summer, you can find an activity list that brings the community together any day of the week. We set out to meet this need with our biggest issue to date, the 2015 Summer Fun Guide. Please enjoy!