St. Leonard offers both inpatient and outpatient services.

Mike Boyer

The comprehensive care services offered by St. Leonard, located on a 240-acre campus in Centerville, go beyond a senior living community.

St. Leonard is a faith-based, not-for-profit, senior lifestyle community, which grew out of a Franciscan seminary. St. Leonard is considered a continuing care retirement community which means there is seldom a reason to look for other options elsewhere, including for nursing rehabilitation services. 

Nursing rehabilitation is one of those services that’s often overlooked or misunderstood, a spokesperson for St. Leonard says, until it is needed. 

For example, Susie Gibbs underwent knee replacement surgery and went home, but after two days she developed symptoms of hospital-acquired pneumonia and had to return to the hospital. After a five-day stay Gibbs and her family decided that coming to St. Leonard for a rehab stay to recover and finish her therapy would be a wise decision.

Today, she’s back home with a full schedule of activities just as she had before her surgery.

She credits the teams at the hospital and St. Leonard for getting her back to her normal life.

St. Leonard’s nursing rehabilitation services, established in the late 1980s, offers in-patient services in two areas of the campus with a total of 150 beds. 

The Health and Rehabilitation Center underwent a $500,000 renovation three years ago that included an expanded dining room, a new lobby and other physical upgrades, including new furniture and fixtures.

“We want to make your transition from hospital to home as comfortable as possible,” says Jennifer Gibbs, St. Leonard director of marketing. “Our rehab suites provide spacious rooms with a private walk in shower, 24-hour RN coverage, seven-day-a-week therapy and an executive chef to prepare your meals.”

Each of the rehab areas is outfitted for all modes of therapy—physical, occupational and speech. St. Leonard also offers specialized activities, spiritual care and a beauty/barber salon.

Here’s a primer on rehabilitation services from St. Leonard’s.

Who is eligible?

Rehab is not just for seniors. Anyone of any age who has experienced a health event where a hospital stay was necessary, but going home would be premature, may be eligible for rehab.

Who pays for rehab?

Health care insurance will cover most of the expense as long as a patient has met the eligibility requirements of their plan. For those with Medicare coverage (Part A) an individual must have been admitted to a hospital at least three days (excluding observation status) and then released to a rehab center for further treatment with a doctor’s order. 

What is done in rehab?

Rehabilitation can be inpatient at a hospital or outpatient at a skilled nursing facility. The goal of rehab is to assist an individual who has been at a hospital for a change in health condition or an elective surgery to regain strength and independence before returning home. 

“We develop an individual program working with your surgeon to implement his/her protocols to your therapy,” says Janell Havenar, director of rehabilitation. 

Additionally, care staff follows personalized post-surgery treatment protocols closely. Care staff may include physical, occupational or speech therapists, along with nurses and a physician.

How long does rehab last?

Rehab can last a few days, several weeks or even several months, depending on the needs of the patient. Insurance will pay as long as improvement continues. Once a patient reaches a plateau insurance will cease coverage. Patients may continue rehab by paying themselves, if desired. A patient may also end rehab at anytime.

What if I leave rehab early or decline rehab after a hospital stay?

No worries. You have up to 30 days after your hospital release to come back to or begin rehab, according to Medicare guidelines. Most health insurances follow the same guidelines, but check with your insurance to be sure.

Hospital discharge planners may give you a list of options. Talking with family or friends who have experiences with different rehab facilities can be very helpful. Also consider visiting to see the current ratings of facilities in your area.

Besides in-house rehab, what other programs are available at St. Leonard?

Rehab patients may begin or continue their therapy on an outpatient basis. At St. Leonard you may continue physical therapy on an outpatient basis on a doctor’s order. Or you may choose additional therapies such as the aquatic therapy program offered at The Franciscan Center at the St. Leonard community. Once released patients may opt to continue with a membership at The Franciscan Center where personal trainers are available, as well as a complete schedule of fitness classes, including aquatic therapy. For more information visit: or call 371-2416.

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