Soaring Through the Summer

 Soaring Through the Summer

Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School’s summer camps provide diverse activities and experiencesKevin Michell Update from Chaminade Julienne’s website: “As we join with everyone in the statewide and national effort of staying at home amidst the impact of COVID-19, we also look forward to the time when families can resume activities for their children outside of the home. In joining you in this hope, we present our camp line up for summer. Registration is open now. If a camp needs to close, notices will be sent and refunds will be made. Continued prayers from our community for health and safety for your family.”

Another school year is winding down, leading parents and students alike to look forward to summer and the many camps that come with it. Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School is gearing up for another round of sports and educational camps in June and July for area children in kindergarten through eighth grade.

The school offers sports camps for tennis, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, football, soccer and baseball and coed nonsports camps that focus on musical theater, creative writing and the STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine) fields.

As Brandon Meyer, Chaminade Julienne’s director of admissions, explains, the summer camps both provide younger students a chance to learn about life at Chaminade Julienne and give current Chaminade Julienne students leadership-development opportunities by helping run elements of each camp. Many Chaminade Julienne student athletes help their coaches work with camp participants in their respective sports.

“It’s a great way for them to connect with kids and really, from a teaching standpoint, teach something they’re passionate about,” Meyer says. “They love the sport and there’s that incentive for them to try and pass that on and make it exciting for the next generation of players.”

There’s a real buzz about the new baseball camp in particular, as the Chaminade Julienne team is coming off back-to-back Division II state championships.

Young athletes get the chance to use Chaminade Julienne’s impressive facilities, including the beautiful Roger Glass stadium and a strength and conditioning center that was renovated in 2010.

“The same thing goes for our academic camps,” adds Meyer. “They get to work in a STEMM program center in our large auditorium, which a lot of grade schoolers don’t have at their schools.”

The five-day STEMM camp has been running for just under a decade and each summer focuses on a different application of the relevant fields. Camp will include projects, activities, labs, and hands-on design and build team challenges that teach the “human relevance” of science, technology, engineering and math.

Camp content will focus on how STEMM furthers progress to overcome challenges such as access to clean water, hunger, alternative energy sources, effective medical treatment and affordable safe shelter.

A growing hit among Chaminade Julienne’s summer camp offerings is its musical theater for boys and girls in incoming grades 5-8. Caitlin Bennett, who teaches drama and choir at the school, is camp director.

The four-day intensive focuses on dance, voice and acting training.

“For any kid, learning how to put your best self forward in front of someone is a great skill to have, whether you’re auditioning or in a job interview or giving a presentation,” says Bennett.

The goal at the end of every musical theater camp is to put on a show for the parents. And while that’s a tall task to pull off in just four days Bennett credits the quick learning of the young attendees and enthusiasm of the current Chaminade Julienne students who help run the camp and the final show’s production.

“I am always so inspired by what they can do in that short amount of time,” she says.

To register for Chaminade Julienne’s June and July summer camps visit the school’s website at