Solving Problems

 Solving Problems

MAKSolve helps companies of all sizes with environmental and occupational regulations

Corinne Minard

When buying a location for a business there are many factors to take into consideration. According to Michael A. Kerr, managing partner of MAKSolve, environmental factors are becoming more important to companies buying land. Something left on the land by a previous owner, like an underground storage tank, could be against federal or state regulations.

That’s where Kerr and MAKSolve come in.

“We’ll listen, we’ll sit down with them, figure out what it is that they’ve got going on and then we’ll take that challenge on,” says Kerr.

MAKSolve’s eight-person team tackles a variety of problems, from FDA labeling to contaminated soil to occupational safety, but Kerr says what they specialize in is solving people’s problems.

That’s actually where the name of the company came from. While at a bar 10 years ago with a group of local business leaders he bounced around ideas for the name of the company. “And then one guy, who’s an attorney, he goes, ‘MAK Solve. Michael A Kerr solves problems,’” says Kerr. The name stuck.

While the company is known for being able to assist with a variety of problems—while doing so in a thorough manner—Kerr says MAKSolve has recently worked with many companies buying land since the demand for commercial property is on the rise.

“Phase 1 site assessments (are) where someone wants to buy a piece of property or sell a piece of property,” says Kerr. “We’ll look at that property going back… I have one on my desk right now going back to 1847. We review all those data and then write a report. If there is an issue, if we’ve got a recognized environmental condition, then we recommend what you may want to do with that. If the client agrees that they need to do something they’ll ask us for a proposal.”

The proposal is called a phase 2 site assessment. MAKSolve continues to investigate the land, possibly with drilling or soil samples, to figure out the severity of the problem and if it’s within regulatory limits.

“If it’s a big issue then we’ll go into a remedial strategy, bioremediation—installation of bugs (microorganisms) if you will—that we design in concert with a lab to address a specific level of contamination,” says Kerr.
MAKSolve has assisted both large and small businesses with environmental regulations, as well as businesses out of state, however, “our niche is helping those business entities right here in town,” he says.