Welcome Home

 Welcome Home

Kitchens By Design helps the Greater Dayton area, one home at a time.

One thing that Kitchens by Design co-owner Cathy Johnson has always wanted was “a warm and inviting atmosphere.”

With a team of knowledgeable staff and a pot of coffee waiting, Kitchens By Design expanded its showroom from 1,500 square feet to 4,500 square feet last year, including an on-site warehouse and convenient parking for customers. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase the staff’s warm welcome to the store.

“The reason we have been able to grow is because we care about our clients,” says Johnson.

Now, Kitchens By Design has 12 kitchen vignettes, four bathroom displays, a tile selection center, counter top selection area, a full-function kitchen and more. As a delicate touch, Johnson added a silverware clock, giving the store a homey feel.

Kitchens By Design takes each client’s requests and needs seriously. To start, the staff goes to the client’s home, provides a quote, takes measurements and gets an overall feel of what their client is looking for.

“Our products are built on the good, better, best system, but all are quality products,” she says.

These quality products come from the vendors that Kitchens By Design has curated relationships with and many of its suppliers are local or United States-based. These products shape the kitchen or bathroom of Kitchens By Design clients’ dreams.

“What we put together flows with the rest of your home,” she says.

To make sure that clients find the products for the ideas they have for their home, Johnson reads every trade magazine that comes into Kitchens By Design to stay up-to-date on what current trends are.

“If [trends] stayed the same, there would be no need to change,” she says.

Johnson recommends accenting for fashion and staying traditional with high dollar items, like cabinets.

“You can accessorize to give off anything that you want to express,” she says.

One element to consider for unique designs are backsplashes, which Johnson says can be “fun and funky.”

Once an idea on textures, colors and general design has been reached, Kitchens By Design puts together a spread, showing how different products merge together. The staff encourages clients that have been looking at ideas to come on in.

“People are more informed, or at least have looked over ideas for their home,” says Johnson. “Many will say ‘I’ve started the process,’ which is good, because you have to start somewhere.”

Because it can be stressful coming in and spending money on home remodeling projects, Johnson adds that the staff works with their clients from start to finish and completes the project in a timely fashion.

“Our goal is to give you a good experience,” Johnson says.