Working Behind the Scenes

 Working Behind the Scenes

Kevin Michell Many Daytonians may never have heard of MAKSolve nor what the company does, but they’ve undoubtedly seen the product of its work throughout the Miami Valley region and beyond.

Michael Kerr established the company in 2008 as a provider of environmental, health and safety compliance services for organizations in southwest Ohio. It accomplishes a lot with a small permanent staff.

MAKSolve steps in to assess and assist with adherence to Occupational Safety and Health Administration and EPA regulations when companies expand and build new locations, as well as ensure their operations adhere to the same standards.

In essence, if commercial or municipal building projects happen in and around Dayton MAKSolve may very well have a hand in making sure it happened in line with job site safety laws and environmental regulations.

“We’re an occupational safety health and environmental sciences company; those are our two primary ‘products,’” says Kerr, the founder and managing partner who handles a lot of MAKSolve’s complex work for clients.

With a booming economy driving increased commercial development, the company has hired four new employees in a little over a year, effectively doubling its staff.

“The people we hire dovetail straight into those two aspects of our business,” Kerr says, adding that MAKSolve’s staff includes environmental scientists, geologists, safety professionals and industrial hygienists.

With the combined specialties and experience of Kerr and his team, MAKSolve handles two primary roles for companies subject to Occupational Safety and Health Administration and EPA regulations, whether that entails construction or workplace operations that deal with potentially dangerous conditions, harmful chemicals or hazardous waste.

“I’d say 15% of our business is compliance where we are assisting a noncompliance situation with either EPA or (Occupational Safety and Health Administration),” says Kerr. This typically arises when a business has experienced a notice of noncompliance and it needs to quickly and properly make changes to meet regulatory standards. Often, that uncovers other aspects of compliance that the company wants MAKSolve’s assistance in meeting before it gets flagged for those as well.

Kerr estimates the other 85% of MAKSolve’s business is providing construction site surveys, operational inspections, gap analysis for companies getting out ahead of potential regulatory noncompliance and ongoing job site safety training.

For example, one of MAKSolve’s clients is a car wash company, which came to Kerr proactively because of its rapid expansion. For 30 of its locations, MAKSolve has created a program of occupational safety and health guidelines, training and diligence. That company is particularly aware of not only its legal obligation to compliance but, as Kerr says, an awareness of the moral obligation to its employees to create a safe workplace operation.

While demand for MAKSolve’s services may fluctuate with the growth or slowing of the economy, EPA and Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations aren’t going anywhere. And since those rules are revised every five years or so Kerr and MAKSolve’s expertise is essential for organizations looking to avoid costly noncompliance penalties or, worse, workplace and job site tragedy.

Last year, the company was recognized by the South Metro Regional Chamber of Commerce as its business of the year, reflecting MAKSolve’s valuable service to regional organizations. Regardless of any economic uncertainty ahead, Kerr’s company will continue offering its expertise and regulatory guidance throughout southwest Ohio.

“It’s been a good ride and I hope to continue for quite some time,” Kerr says.