Award-Winning Customer Care Provider Teleperformance Focuses on Employees

By Beth Langefels

Melissa Ewry, a recruiting manager for Teleperformance in Fairborn, has worked for the company for six years and, like most of the 450 employees at the location, started out in the call center.

“We have worked with the same single client for a few years,” Ewry says. “It’s one of the nation’s leading wireless companies. We take their inbound customer service calls and specifically work with customers who are looking to cancel their service. It’s our job to hopefully save them as a customer.”

According to Ewry, who now manages new-hire trainings, everyone starts out as an agent because the company is focused on promotion from within. In fact, more than 90 percent of the company’s management team was promoted from within with more than 60 employees promoted in 2016 alone.

“I took calls as an agent myself for two years,” Ewry said. “I moved on to receptionist and then to my current job as a recruiter.”

Teleperformance has long been focused on its employees. The company goal of “happiness from the inside out” exemplifies a dedication to every employee as well as every customer.

“Employee satisfaction is a big part of my job here at Teleperformance,” Ewry says. “After 90 days of employment with us an employee is eligible for promotion.”

Most of the jobs available at Teleperformance are full time but Ewry herself started when she was still in college.

“Part time can be an option for students,” she says. “We offer two different shifts—morning and evening—and we provide schedules that will fit around classes. We ask that every employee commit to a nine-week training program.”

Most employees begin working as a call center agent, never thinking of making their jobs with Teleperformance a career.

“No one pictures this being a career path,” Ewry says. “But the company gives you an opportunity to move up and there are different lines of business.”

The Fairborn location has won awards for its high-performing agents, the direct result, according to Ewry, of the focus on employee satisfaction.

“We were No. 1 for our agent stats for 38 straight months,” Ewry says. “We were rated on things like average handle time, customer-satisfaction surveys and resolution time.”

Ewry describes the company as “very family oriented,” offering a pleasant work environment with perks like an onsite exercise and recreation room, and extra incentives for top-performing agents.

“We also have a lot of events to keep people involved and give them extra time off the phone,” Ewry says. “We have sports tournaments, cookouts and during the holiday season we have a catered dinner for employees and give out gift cards in random drawings in December.”

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