Dayton Comment

 Dayton Comment

Dayton innovation that could save a life.

By Jim Bucher

At one time Dayton and the Miami Valley were known as the “cradle of creativity.” From cash registers to pop top cans and beyond we were the “bomb.” Oh, and we had something to do with that, too.

So, it’s no surprise the innovations keep coming.

Meet entrepreneur Katrina Seiter, the eighth of eleven brothers and sisters. Seiter was born in Xenia and is now a single mom of four kids and “Mee-Maw” to three beautiful grandchildren.

She was raised by parents with an important mission in life.

“Our family was brought up to help people, be an advocate and speak up for others when they couldn’t themselves,” she says.

Funny how life works sometimes, because no truer words were spoken and adhered to than what happened in Seiter’s life.

“I was in a very serious car wreck, was T-boned and pretty banged up. When paramedics arrived they contacted my family via phone and they informed them how deadly morphine is to me. They had already administered it and had to reverse the effects. Had my family not spoken up for me when I couldn’t speak for myself I would not be here today to speak to you,” Seiter says.

Seiter eventually recovered, but as most who’ve gone through a similar event it was life altering and an idea was born.

“Basically, God gave me the direction to do this and to help others by speaking when they cannot. He blessed me with the knowledge of how to use a phone and put my entrepreneur brain to work and, of course, help those that cannot speak for themselves by creating A Voice 4 U,” she says.

It truly is revolutionary, especially when you don’t expect the unexpected.

A Voice 4 U is a medical alert text (M.A.T). It’s one of those things you say, “Why didn’t I think of this?”

Here’s how it works in a nutshell.

You buy a membership then place your medical information into the system for “In Case of Emergency.” You receive a card with a member ID. You can place your card in your wallet or a provided sticker on the back of your phone or brief case. Place it anywhere and everywhere.

In Case of Emergency text the A Voice 4 U number. Place the member’s identifying code in the message portion of the text, hit send and within seconds a text will be delivered to your phone with emergency contact information and medical life-saving information.

This is something you never think about and is a good peace of mind.

“It was created because of my car accident, however, it is a necessity for those that have everyday life-threatening and even not so life-threatening issues such as epilepsy, diabetes, heart trouble, heroin addiction and so many more situations that come in to play with this card. Even a child riding a bicycle needs this card on their bike helmet, or a motorcycle helmet or even when you are out for a jog,” Seiter says.

Playing devil’s advocate here, but when I think of this service the “Help me I’ve fallen and can’t get up” TV commercials come to mind. In other words, aren’t there products out there like this? Seiter gets very passionate when the comparison is drawn.

“There is absolutely NOT a product out there like ours. That is part of our issue now is teaching people the who, what and why of our product. It’s much like the microwave that came out in the late 70s early 80s. No one knew what the microwave was for. No one knew how dependent every household would become on the microwave and now you don’t see a home without a microwave. Our product is the same. People don’t know just yet how valuable it is and how dependent people will become on our product. Every household should have it, but every single person should have their own membership, just like everyone has their own Social Security card,” she says.

Now, sounds easy, right? It is, but putting the technology together was an arduous process.

“The long haul was having programmers tell us they could build this system with (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliancy and security and make it all coordinate and work together with the holding of the medical information. Also, making it available via texting and QR reader and the developers could not make the system work. It took us almost five developers and not giving up before we finally made it over the finish line,” she says.

Adding, “We’re Dayton, Ohio, the town of innovators. Where necessity breeds invention. There is a true necessity for this product and the modern technology created the invention.”

Harking back to her upbringing, Seiter is paying it forward.

“We can also give back to the community with the largest single fundraiser ever created. We are asking foundations and nonprofits to please purchase this wonderful product for people that need it and cannot afford it. People with special needs, Alzheimer and dementia, foster children and numerous others. If any foundation or nonprofit purchases the product we will match their generous donation,” she says.

And where does Seiter see this Dayton, Ohio, first going?

“Where A Voice 4 U and its products are a household name and that it has helped save numerous lives. Helping save one life makes it all worthwhile,” she says.

Now that’s an innovative way to look at it.


– Buch