Dayton Dining: Flyboy’s Deli

 Dayton Dining: Flyboy’s Deli

New Flyboy’s Deli set to land

Eric Spangler

Steve Crandall is still a flyboy at heart. That’s part of the reason the retired Air Force colonel wanted to open his second Flyboy’s Deli location near the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Beavercreek’s Mall at Fairfield Commons.

“It’s a military Air Force community … and we wanted to be there with the military and with the folks that support the military,” says Crandall. Plus, requests to open a new restaurant near the Air Force base were plentiful. “Many folks from the base have asked, ‘Man, we wish you were in Beavercreek,’” he says.

The new 7,400-square-feet location in Beavercreek will be much larger than the original restaurant in Oakwood, he says. The new restaurant will seat a little more than 300 people, compared to the 120-person capacity restaurant in Oakwood, says Crandall.

That larger-size facility is important, he says. “We needed the size to be able to support the number of parties that we provide. We’ve had many requests for parties of 300 or more and we’ve not been able to do that (at the Oakwood location),” says Crandall. Plus, the larger restaurant will support three or four parties simultaneously, he says.

Crandall and his wife and co-owner, Eunice Kim, realized that a new store was needed about two years after opening the Oakwood location in 2013 because of the numerous requests for parties, he says. “We realized in late 2015 that we needed a bigger store,” he says.<img src="" alt="" style="float: right; padding: 15px;"

The new store will have all the same menu selections as the original store, although some of the names of the sandwiches might change to reflect the Beavercreek community, Crandall says.

Although the menu items will be the same, he says the new Beavercreek store will be a New York-style deli with a twist. “The twist is we’re going to bring in some fusion of Korean food,” says Crandall. “My wife’s Korean so we’re going to blend some of that into the menu. Not a lot, here and there, because we want to keep true to what Flyboy’s is already.”
In addition to the Korean twist at the new store, Crandall says the Beavercreek restaurant will also have a flight simulator and a map of the world on the ceiling with 52 cities identified. The idea is that customers can use the flight simulator to “fly” to a city and then Flyboy’s Deli will have the food available from that city, he says.

Crandall says other amenities in the new store will include a history of aviation mural, a wall of heroes mural celebrating the military, police and first-responders, and a replica of the plane in Flyboy’s Deli logo on the roof of the building.

Crandall says the new store, which will be located near BJ’s Brewhouse, Chuy’s and Bravo! near one of the entrances to the Mall at Fairfield Commons, is expected to open in late October or early November.