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Logan A/C and Heat Services Focused on Customer Service

By Beth Langefels

Logan A/C and Heat Services has been family owned and operated since it was founded in 1969. In the early days it was owned by the Logan family, but in 2002 Jim Meyer bought the company from Joe Logan Jr., the son of the original founder.

“I worked for Emerson Electric in marketing and my company was associated with this type of industry,” says Meyer, who is the CEO of Logan Services. “Joe Jr. wanted to relocate to Florida so the company was for sale.”

Meyer says when he bought the then $2 million-dollar company it had 21 employees. Since that time he has grown it to about 13 times its original size and today it has 165 employees.

“We have now expanded to Columbus (in 2003) and Cincinnati (in 2008) and are serving three major markets,” Meyer says. “The founder of the company stayed with us until 2015 when he retired.”

Keeping the business “all in the family” is important to Meyer as well as his three children, who also work for the company. Daughter Ashley Pleiman is the vice president human resources, finance and logistics, daughter Sandy Heckman is vice president of administration and son Jason is also part of the team.

“A lot of companies in our industry are traditionally service driven,” Meyer says. “We have been a marketing driven company and that was true when I purchased it. We were primarily marketing ourselves through Yellow Pages, newspaper ads and referrals and that’s how we grew our company.”

But Meyer says that the way the company has done business has evolved rapidly since then, growing and expanding from utilizing a one-page website to relying heavily on broadcast media like radio and TV and social media, like Facebook.

“The digital work is what really opened up targeted marketing and strategies and we embraced social media early on,” Meyer says. “We became engaged with that in about 2010 and as of today we have more than 10,000 Facebook fans and that’s a huge number for a smaller HVAC company. The old saying that you get your business through word of mouth, Facebook is the new way. We’ve had a lot of success through that avenue.”

Meyer says that they have also added digital billboard and truck advertising and that has helped them expand their services. When he arrived on the scene in 2002 there were still a large percentage of households that didn’t have central air conditioning. Today more than 90 percent have a full system installed.

“We saw (central air conditioning) that as a big growth opportunity,” Meyer says. “And that market has matured over the past 15 years. We came in during that transitional period when it became more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Believe it or not, people would rather go without heat than without air conditioning.”

Other innovations today are so called “smart home” automations, with more than 90 percent of the systems Logan sells coming equipped with Wi-Fi controlled thermostats that can be controlled with mobile apps.

“We have really seen an increase of this over the past three years,” Meyer says. “People want to be able to control their systems from anywhere they are in the world.”

Smart energy consumption is important to consumers so the latest systems feature variable speed technology that work to remove the humidity from homes and run at 50 percent capacity to save money. Targeting systems help focus on rooms in homes that are used most—such as master bedrooms that may need to be cooler at night or “man caves or garages” or other so called “hot spots” in homes.

“We focus on smart innovation and split systems,” Meyer says. “Our focus is to deliver the best comfort possible to our customer.”

Along those same lines is the way the company responds to customer requests. Meyer says that customers today are demanding more immediate response to repair requests and companies that can respond quickly and efficiently can set themselves apart from the competition.

One big change we see is how customers interact with us online,” Meyer says. “We have an online calendar and they can schedule their own service calls. People are also researching online and reading reviews. They want same-day service and next-day installation. We have to react very swiftly.”