Here come the Bridal Spring Fling

This event provides the ultimate experience for brides preparing for their big day

Madison Rodgers

All Micah Glaser, owner and event coordinator at The Windamere Event Venue and Art Gallery, wanted to do was create an opportunity for brides to see options for their upcoming nuptials. She became a little more creative and started the Bridal Spring Fling three years ago. 
“Vendors are set up throughout the banquet hall,” says Glaser. “They are on a scavenger hunt and must visit each vendor in the banquet hall to complete the hunt.” 
Vendors from all different areas of the wedding experience attend this event. Vendors include photographers, invitation creators, caterers and other wedding service providers. 
At the end of the scavenger hunt, each bride will receive a wedding Day of Emergency Kit. 
“We are also offering a fashion show before the scavenger hunt starting at 12,” Glaser says. 
Each ticket is $7, but a package option called the “Bride Tribe” is also available for those who want their bridesmaids to attend the Bridal Spring Fling as well. This package includes four tickets, one for the bride and three for their tribe. Those packages are $21. This event also includes mimosas, cake and food for those who attend. 
“This event also allows brides to see the venue all decorated,” says Glaser. “Brides are able to see everything in advance to their big day.” For more information and to purchase tickets go to