Keeping it Local

 Keeping it Local

Three of WDTN’s on-air talent are Miami Valley locals.

Corinne Minard

WDTN’s morning crew all hail from the Dayton region

Few people enjoy waking up at 4:30 a.m. But with job demands, commutes and kids, it can be a necessity. If you turn your TV to WDTN 2, though, you won’t be the only Daytonian awake. In fact, you’ll find three: 2 News Today anchors John Seibel and Brooke Moore and meteorologist Jamie Jarosik. If they seem particularly enthusiastic about reporting on Dayton, there’s a reason for that: All three are Miami Valley natives who chose to stay or return to the region. 

“[Dayton] is nothing like any of the places I’ve been,” says Seibel, who has visited 48 of the 50 states and worked in about 10. “The things we’re reporting on, they had an impact no matter where we lived before, but they have more of an importance because your family and friends are here.”

Seibel, who was born and raised in Englewood, worked in Alaska, New England and North Carolina before he returned to Dayton in 2014. He called WDTN about a sports job posting he saw online that was actually for a different company. Instead, he and the news director discussed a recently posted morning news anchor position. “Five weeks later, I was in here auditioning and then three weeks later I was on the air,” he says.

For Jarosik, a Kettering native, it was more of a conscious decision. She worked in Montana, Illinois and even at WDTN from 2001-2004. She left WDTN for a stint in Missouri for a chance to work in Tornado Alley, knowing she would come back. When her contract in Kansas City ended, WDTN created a position for her. “And I’ve been here ever since,” she says.

Moore, however, knew she wanted to stay in Dayton from the beginning. After a year in Los Angeles after high school, she came back. Moore interned for WDTN, became an associate producer in 2010, a morning show reporter in 2011, then co-anchor in 2014. “It was important for me to stay here because this is home,” she says. “I felt really lucky and also happy that I started at this station because I live five minutes from my sister and my parents.”

United by their love of the Miami Valley, all three are happy to be close to family and friends. They also love the region’s assets: Seibel and his family love taking advantage of the sports opportunities, Jarosik is thrilled to have her kids experience Dayton and Kettering’s great park system, and Moore simply loves Dayton. “I think it has everything that I need here. Maybe I’m a simple person, but I love what the Oregon District has become. I like the small business aspect that Dayton has really been pushing lately,” she says. “You have the Green, you have Austin Landing, and you’re also close enough to drive to Columbus or Cincinnati or Cleveland or even Chicago if you want to.”

And being local also adds something extra to their broadcasts.

“You have a natural historical context,” says Seibel. 

Moore adds: “We’ll be like, ‘Remember the snow of whatever decade that was?’ and everybody that lived here at that time talks about what the streets looked like and what schools were closed … things that you all experienced together in that city brings everybody together.”