Letter from the Editor

 Letter from the Editor

Time to show the Nation Dayton’s true resilienceEric Spangler

It’s tough when the nation turns the spotlight on Dayton for all the wrong reasons. 

But that’s exactly what happened twice this year—the first when 13 tornadoes hit the Dayton area Memorial Day evening flattening buildings and injuring more than 200 people and the second when a gunman killed nine people and injured 27 in the Oregon District during the early morning hours of Aug. 4 before he was shot and killed by police.

Like looking into a mirror and not liking what is staring back we all had to take stock of what needed to be done during both of those horrific moments. And what needed to be done was to stand up and push back. Dayton won’t back down.

That’s exactly what has happened. The communities in the Dayton area have shown time and again that they are resilient. Volunteers stepped up to the plate to help the survivors of both incidents heal and move forward.

This quality of resilience has never been stronger. Our newest staff member, Abby Hofrichter, roaming editor, beautifully captures this community strength in her Dayton Stronger story in this issue, just as our longtime freelance writer Tim Walker detailed the harsh reality of hundreds of tornado survivors through his own personal experience in our last issue.

Dayton’s strength is in its people. And through its people Dayton will once again prove that nothing can hold it down. And when that time comes we hope the nation’s spotlight is once again focused on Dayton—this time for all the right reasons.

Eric Spangler
Managing Editor