Publisher’s Letter

 Publisher’s Letter

Eric Harmon

The Best of Dayton issue brings us a reason to showcase what is great about Dayton—its food, shopping, entertainment, service providers and more. Many people met and interacted with the companies you see in this issue firsthand in October at our Best of Dayton Party, which was held downtown. To have an event at the Dayton Convention Center was a risk for us since having a high enough attendance to fill the spacious room was essential. Thankfully, you came out in droves and showed your interest in supporting and voting for your favorites.

My pride can’t ignore how successful this event was, but I have to acknowledge that it was your participation, firmly grounded in Dayton pride, that caused the event to be so great. My Dayton pride is very new, but it arises when I see the development downtown on the riverfront, the new restaurants popping up at Austin Landing or, frankly, anything to do with the Wright Brothers. All of these, except the Wright Brothers, came about since we launched Dayton Magazine and opened our office on East Monument Avenue. Learning about what the Wright Brothers accomplished here and how this has paved the landscape of the local flight and military industry has given me an appreciation of Dayton that I didn’t have prior to the launch of the magazine.

Dayton has, and appreciates, history well beyond the Wright Brothers—from other major inventions like the pop-top to a steeped tradition of accomplishments on the global scale like the Dayton Peace Accords. And speaking of global scale, something we can all be proud of is Wright State’s big win of being named the site of the first presidential debate coming in September. Beyond the boost that will generate in our economy, it’s a testament to what our region offers—pure Americana; one that does not come with mountain vistas, but with a heavy dose of work ethic and respect for all. It is here that America will start to formulate its choice for the person who will take his or her place as the leader of the free world.

We hope this issue can be added as one more reason to be proud of Dayton. Enjoy!

— Eric Harmon